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I developed a series of dynamic creative templates for easy updates of offers, imagery and copy via the clients feed.

Client: Octane Marketing
Services: Digital Design

Octane Marketing is a full-service marketing agency focused on the automotive vertical.

Octane’s leadership team has 45 years retail automotive experience, 30 years working for many different OEM’s and 50 plus years working for automotive agencies.


They required a creative that can develop custom dynamic display ads for their automotive dealer clients.

Dynamic Creative ads serves relevant content to viewers on each impression, giving brands the creative flexibility to swap dynamic elements like call-to-action text, exit URLs, images, and more.

The templated creative developed would allow for easy updates of offers, imagery and copy via the clients feed. The template built should work for all new automotive clients.

APPROACH: I developed animated HTML5 banners using Google Web Designer.  The banners were designed with functionality in mind while maintaining consistency across all sizes. I also ensured that creatives were validated using HTML5 Validator and tested thoroughly to ensure bundles contain all necessary assets.

INDUSTRY: Automotive
DEVICE: Desktop, Mobile, Tablet
SIZES: 160×600, 300x 250, 300×600, 320×50, 728×90
FEATURE: Dynamic


160×600, 300x 250, 300×600, 320×50, 728×90

“Perfect. Thanks”

Tim Schmidt Director of Digital at Octane Marketing