I developed Dynamic Retargeting Banners for their Google Ads Campaign.

Client: HelloPrint
Date: October 15, 2019
Services: Dynamic Display Ads


Helloprint’s platform offers the largest print and merchandise catalogue in the world.

Connected to over 300 worldwide Print & Merchandise providers and 200 logistic partners with a massive 1,000 product groups.

The brief required a creative who is proficient in using Google Web Designer to create a custom template for dynamic remarketing ads and should also have knowledge of uploading the template on Google Ads.

Dynamic Creative ads serves relevant content to viewers on each impression, giving brands the creative flexibility to swap dynamic elements like call-to-action text, exit URLs, images, and more from their product feed.

Dynamic display ads show customers personalised content from a product feed you control and attach to your campaign.



I developed dynamic remarketing banners using Google Web Designer and Google Ads.

I ensured that creatives are validated using HTML5 Validator. The template created was tested thoroughly to ensure bundles contain all necessary assets.

PLATFORM: Google Ads
INDUSTRY: Manufacturing
DEVICE: Desktop, Mobile, Tablet
SIZES: 160×600, 200×200, 250×250, 336×280,  468×60, 970×250
FEATURE: Dynamic



Dynamic Creative banner ads served relevant products to customers thereby driving re-engagement and purchases.

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``Created exactly what we needed and was very fast in both replying and finishing the project.``

Sanne van Breemen Team Lead Digital Marketing at Helloprint